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Posted by: Aaron Weintraub on 4/25/2012 | 0 Comments
UPDATE: “Strategies for Hope: Understanding Substance Abuse, Depression, Self-Harm, and Eating Disorders in Today’s Youth” Friday June 1st, 2012 Westside Family Church Shawnee, KS
Posted by: Aaron Weintraub on 4/16/2012 | 0 Comments
We all have goals, whether we realize it or not. Some simply act to avoid pain. Others move towards pleasure. A select few systematically set and use their goals to navigate themselves towards exactly what they want in life. Well-stated, monitored, and adjusted goals will help direct attention appropriately, provoke physical action on this focus, improve time management skills, and increase persistence. These goal directed behaviors are not always normal, so if where you're headed isn't normal or average either, actually writing down well-formed goals will help you achieve the EXTRAordinary.
Posted by: B.J. Larson on 4/9/2012 | 0 Comments
Information on the USSSA Summer National Championships in June/July. Only way to directly qualify for the USSSA Tournament of Champions - also hosted here in Kansas City in August of 2012!
Posted by: B.J. Larson on 4/9/2012 | 0 Comments
Video provided by coaches of the 10U Mac N Seitz team for a 5-4 triple play completed in the Top of the 6th with bases loaded.
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