Coach's Packet

First off, a big thank you for choosing to play with MSP this weekend. We know there are many choices on where to play each weekend and it is our goal to do everything in our power to make this a memorable experience for your girls. All of our tournaments will be USSSA and we ask every team be sanctioned with USSSA by going to We will also need ALL teams to have their rosters online prior to playing in the event. It will be your responsibility to have your roster online with the correct players playing that weekend. In addition, the USSSA online system cannot award any USSSA points to your team for their placing in the event without that roster online. Once your roster is posted online, the system will retroactively award the points from previous events.

At each park there will be a designated spot to check in and you will be notified prior to playing where that check in will be. Upon checking in your team will receive 2 USSSA game balls. If needed, additional game balls will be on sale in the office or pro shop for $6.00 each. Each team will be required to supply a USSSA game ball prior to each game. We will need all teams to make sure they have paid us prior to playing your first game. We can't reiterate how important it is to have a team representative check in prior to playing. Please go to to get our tournament rules for this tournament.

The staff at MSP wants to make sure your experience with us is dedicated to putting the girls first in everything that we do. It is our goal to provide everyone with an atmosphere that is condusive to youth athletics. This includes good sportsmanship by coaches, fans, and players and will not tolerate anything different.  

Change of Venue Notice

There may be occasions, such as, but not limited to, inclement weather, facility setbacks, scheduling problems not the fault of MSP, and other acts of nature, that require MSP to reschedule tournament games to other nearby parks.  MSP policy is to play all tournaments despite such unfortunate setbacks.  MSP will do everything in its power to notify you well in advance of such re-scheduling.  Upon receiving such notification of rescheduled games at nearby parks, your team may withdraw from the scheduled tournament, but you must do so prior to 72 hours of the first scheduled game.  If you fail to withdraw from the tournament prior to the 72 hour period, your team will not be entitled to a refund or any other remedy.

Refund Policy

All of the facilities that we host our events at have a solid reputation for being able to handle inclement weather. Our organization and the organizations that we rent facilities from make all reasonable efforts to get our tournaments to completion. On occasion, mother nature is overwhelming to the point that events may have to be called off before their completion. On those occasions, here is our policy for refunds (these examples are based upon a 4 game guarantee tournament):

  • Entry Fee:
    • Play in 3 games get nothing back
    • Play in 2 games get 50% back
    • Play in 1 game get 75% back

In the event an event is cancelled completely, MSP holds a $50 Administration Fee.  Teams will be refunded the remainder of their entry fee.

Refunds may take up to two weeks.

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