NAMI Awareness Benefit - Fundraising Tips

Here are some general fundraising tips to help you raise your team challenge funds:
  • Set a high team goal and do your best to reach it.  Be sure to let everyone know the amount of your team goal.
  • Start by sponsoring yourself!  People are more likely to support something that you, yourself support.  (Ask each team player to bring a minimum donation.)
  • Ask family members to sponsor you.
  • Ask your friends to contribute.
  • Coaches and parents can ask co-workers to contribute.
  • Ask your neighbors to contribute.
  • Ask friends to collect donations from their work places.
  • Ask people from a service/community organization you are involved with to donate.
  • Set up a bake sale booth at a local church or community event.
  • Coaches and parents can ask your boss for a company contribution.
  • Inquire about company corporate matching -- request and submit any required forms.
  • Ask local merchants to sponsor you.
  • Hold a car wash.
  • Convince businesses/companies that they shouldn't be "outdone" by others on your donor list!
  • Have your team shovel snow, rake leaves or pull weeds! 
  • Ask businesses you frequent to sponsor you.
  • Parents or coaches that own a business with a cash register, could set up collection tubs for their customers to help out.
  • Find a supportive restaurant that will sponsor your team during one business day...for a percentage of the day's profits or $1.00 per customer that day or choose an item that your team gets a set amount for each one sold that day (ex:  .25 cents for each order of french fries).
  • Ask auto dealerships to donate $10-25 to your NAMI Benefit Fund every time someone takes a test drive over the course of a day or week.
  • Be specific in your ask, and specify a tax-deductible amount (you can make it a small amount, remember that small donations add up!).
  • Hold a team yard sale.
  • It is important to let people know why you are participating in the NAMI Awareness Benefit.
  • Don't forget that these funds are tax-deductible.
  • Always send a thank you note upon receipt of a donation! 

Fundraising Challenge

We are working with several Kansas City based organizations to help coordinate prizes for our Fundraising Challenge.  We will list the prizes here as they are donated, and the teams that raise the ten highest amounts of money toward the educational efforts to combat Teen Suicide will get to choose their prizes (based on order of finish). Teams will have until Saturday night to turn in their donation to the appropriate drop spot(s) and will be judged on amount contributed.

NAMI Benefit Awareness Fundraising Challenge


1. MSP will award a prize to the team that brings the largest pre-tournament fundraising donation.

Contest Winner will receive an MSP Certificate for $400 towards another MSP event.

2. Prize to the player who raises the largest pre-tournament fundraising donation.

6 Tickets to the USSSA Pride/Dallas Charge Game in Kansas City. 

4 Tickets to a Kansas City Royals Game.

4. Prize to the player who raises the third largest pre-tournament fundraising donation. 

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