2016 Season: Kansas and Missouri Fastpitch Re-Classifications

Below is the complete list of teams who have been re-classified.  If your team is on this list, a team representative has already been notified of this change.  Re-classifications are based on multiple factors and are made by the State Office.  If you have any questions please contact bill@playmsp.com.  

Kansas Fastpitch 2015 - 2016 Reclassifications Missouri Fastpitch 2015 - 2016 Reclassifications
Kraze 9C to 9U Blaze 10C to 10B
Ark City Chaos 10C to 10B Elite Heat 10 10C to 10B
Diamond Girls 10C to 10B Missouri Blaze 10C to 10B
Hot Tamales Ice 10C to 10B St Joe Vipers 05 10C to 10B
KC Softball Academy - Brumitt 10C to 10B SWAT - Miller 10C to 10B
Lady Kaws 10C to 10B Angels 10B to 10A
Phenix - Richardson 10C to 10B Originals - Wilhelm 10B to 10A
Topeka Panthers 10C to 10B S.W.A.T. 10B to 10A
Topeka Stingers 10C to 10B Stealth 05 KC 10B to 10A
Fire & Ice Blizzard 10B to 10A Missouri Stealth - Shupp 11C to 11U
Impact Black 10B to 10A 12U Missouri Stealth Bartlett 12C to 12B
Lawrence Fury - Clopton 10B to 10A Firestorm 12C to 12B
Rockets 10B to 10A Insanity 12U 12C to 12B
5 Tool Detonators 12C to 12B Mid MO Ricochet 12C to 12B
Chaos 12C to 12B Mustangs Softball 12C to 12B
Emporia Energy U12 Gilpin 12C to 12B Smithville Sting 12U Black 12C to 12B
Hot Sitx 12C to 12B Trojanettes 12C to 12B
Manhattan Optimist Sweet Heat 12C to 12B Wolfpack 12C to 12B
X-Factor 12U 12C to 12B KC Crunch 03 12B to 12A
Revolution Fastpitch 12B to 12A Missouri Stealth 03 12B to 12A
Topeka Force 12B to 12A MO Elite 12U - Hall 12B to 12A
Wichita Impact Red 12B to 12A NiTRO Fastpitch 12B to 12A
Beloit Blaze 14C to 14B Sun Devils 13C to 13U
Kansas Blue Sox 14U 14C to 14B Missouri Stealth 01 14B to 14A
Patriots 14U 14C to 14B JC Xpress 16U 16B to 16A
Clash 14B to 14A Northland Cougarz 16 16B to 16A
Reckoning 14B to 14A Lightning 18 18B to 18A
Topeka Extreme 14B to 14A Missouri Elite BOMO 18B to 18A
Wichita Impact 14U Wolgast 14B to 14A Missouri Outlaws 18 18B to 18A
JoCo Fusion  18B to 18A
Salina Stealth 18B to 18A
Topeka F5 Storm 18B to 18A

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