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USSSA OKC Challenge

5/31 - 6/3/2013
Format: 5 Game Guarantee (Single Elim)
Cost: $550.00
8 & Under Cost: $325.00
Contact: Jeremy McDowell -- Email
  • 6 & Under
  • 8 & Under
  • 10 & Under
  • 12 & Under
  • 14 & Under
  • 16 & Under
  • 18 & Under
  • A
  • B

Rainout Number: 913-543-5160


Oklahoma City

Event Description


Rainout Line
(913) 543-5160
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Final Placings

Once the event is completed, the system must be manually configured to show the final placings and award the correct amount of corresponding points.  Until this is done, the results may not show as final or be correct.  We do this process for each event on Monday, which may take up through midnight on Monday to completely update and reflect accurate results.

Look Whos Coming


Age 6 and Under


Level Open

  Oklahoma Elite '06
  Oklahoma Knockouts
  Oklahoma Lady Pirates

Age 7 and Under


Level Open

  Oklahoma Heat 05

Age 8 and Under


Level Open

  Edge 04
  Lightning Legacy 14B
  Thunder 2005

Level Girls Machine Pitch

  OK Athletics- Moreland
  Oklahoma Kaos
  Oklahoma Reds 8U

Age 10 and Under


Level Open

  Ark City Knockouts
  Code Red 02
  Delete Team
  Elite 02
  Fastdogs 2002
  Fire & Ice Sizzle
  Fire & Ice Xtream
  Kansas Sting
  KC Peppers 02
  Legacy 02
  Louisiana Rippers 03
  Mississippi Glory Blue
  Mississippi Glory White
  Missouri Stealth
  Northern Colorado Roadrunners
  OK Machine 02
  OK Ultimate 02
  OKC Stars
  Oklahoma Force
  SDM JT's
  St. Louis Fusion 02
  Wichita Mustangs Maroon

Level B

  The Freedom

Age 12 and Under


Level A

  Arkansas Phenix 12U
  Crunch 01
  Delete Team
  Fire & Ice Dynamite
  Mississippi Glory
  Mustang Gators
  Nebraska Nemesis 00
  Nebraska Sizzle 12U
  Oklahoma Athletics 2000
  Oklahoma Select Y2K
  St. Louis Fusion 00
  Topeka Stingers '00
  Topeka Toxic
  Tulsa Elite 00

Level B

  Adrenaline 00
  Central Iowa Impact
  Colorado Diamonds 2001
  Colorado Intensity 2000 - Elite
  Colorado Venom 00
  Cruces Pride
  Delete Team
  Divas 2000 PLUS
  Force 01
  Gravette Bandits
  Independence Diamonds 16U
  Johnston Jaguars Purple
  Jr. Wahawks Black
  Kansas Stealth
  KC Core 01
  KC Core 01 - Strickland
  KC Freedom 00
  Krush 2000
  Mid-Mo Evolution (Loggins)
  Missouri Fury 2000
  Mud Turtles
  Oak Park Windmills
  Oklahoma Athletics 01
  Oklahoma Bedlam 01
  Oklahoma Diamond Girls
  Oklahoma Exclusive 01
  Oklahoma Vendetta 01
  Olathe Rockets
  Rocky Mountain Thunder Blue
  Rocky Mountain Thunder Fire
  Smithville Sting Black
  Team United
  Tigers 12U Black
  Topeka Angels
  VooDoo Dolls
  Wichita Mustangs Maroon

Age 14 and Under


Level A

  American Freedom (Kellum)
  AZ Wildfire Orange
  Blue Springs Blaze
  Firecrackers DFW
  Heartland Havoc 98
  Illinois Gold
  KC Crunch 99
  KC Riptide
  Mac N Seitz Heat
  Nebraska Fury 99 Black
  OK Stix
  Oklahoma Rampage
  QC Firebirds
  Smithville Sting Black
  SWAT Academy
  Tanel 360 Missouri RS
  Thunder 99 Black
  Tulsa Eagles
  Tulsa Elite 98
  Tulsa Elite 99

Level B

  Adrenaline 99
  AZ Wildfire Blue
  Borger Heat
  BV Inferno
  Central IL Diamondstorm
  Colorado HitStreak Zone
  Colorado Majestix
  Colorado Psyclones - Voodoo
  Colorado Venom
  DC Jaguars
  Delete Team
  Dolphins of Lee's Summit
  KC Freedom
  KC Panthers
  KC Premier 14C
  Lady Grays
  Lady Marlins
  Longmont Fury
  LS Bombers
  Mad Batters 14
  Mid-MO Evolution (Friend)
  Midland Showtime
  Missouri Intensity
  OK Diamondz
  Oklahoma Legacy
  Rocky Mountain Thunder Murillo
  SB Lightning - Walls
  St. Louis Fusion - Acheson
  St. Louis Stingers
  TEAM Oklahoma 13s
  Topeka Stingers 99
  Twin Ports Rampage
  Wheat Ridge Storm
  Wichita Elite - Salas

Age 16 and Under


Level A

  Delete Team
  Iowa Blitz - Sheets
  Kansas Heatwave 16
  Kansas Renegades White
  KC Impact
  KC Premier Wade
  KC Zephyrs
  Megan Willis Crunch
  Northern Colorado Force
  Olathe Rockets
  Originals - Shanks
  Quakes Black - Hughes
  Spikes '95
  Twisters Gallagher

Level B

  Blaze Fastpitch
  Blue Springs Stealth
  Butler County X-treme
  Colorado Diablas 16
  Colorado Intensity
  Colorado Venom Black
  Delete Team
  Iowa Blitz - DeCamp
  KC Blast
  Mid-MO Evolution (Crum)
  Mid-MO Evolution (Marcum)
  Missouri Ice
  NL Mirage
  OG Lady Heat
  OK Jitterbugs
  SWD 16U
  TEAM Oklahoma 16's
  Team United

Age 18 and Under


Level A

  Chase County Explosion
  Delete Team
  Flames Fall
  Kansas Blue Ice
  Lil Saints
  Nebraska Swingers
  Oklahoma Bulldogs
  TEAM Oklahoma 18's
  Tipton Tigers
  Topeka Flames

Level B

  Colorado Diablas 18
  Diamond Stix Serrone
  Flames of Nebraska
  KS Patriots-Freedom
  Midwest Dirt Devils
  Missouri Ice
  Missouri Tide
  Oklahoma Athletics
  St. Louis Pride
  Wahoo Elite
  Westminster Team United
  Wheat Ridge Storm
  Wichita Lady Reds

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