About Midwest Sports Productions

Midwest Sports Productions began in 2007 as a venture between three existing tournament entities in the Kansas City area.  The goal was to provide the youth of the Kansas City area and across the Midwest with unique and valuable tournament experiences through well managed and highly organized events.

MSP has taken great care to provide these experiences through a variety of means: 
  • Exciting and unique Themed Tournaments, such as the Cowtown Showdown, Hawaiian Hitfest, and THE Monster Bash
  • Quality facilities in and around the KC Metro area, including opportunities for travel to Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, Columbia, Branson and beyond.
  • Appropriate levels of play for your team
  • Large tournaments with great competitions
  • Post-Season Opportunities:  MSP helps bring championship level events to Kansas City and the Midwest each year for almost all age groups
  • MSP Love:  We have embarked on many projects over the last five years and look to the future to find a path that will allow us to enrich and impact the lives of the athletes and those in our community through service projects and themed events.  We have worked with JDRF, NAMI, Cars4Heroes, KC Rescue Mission, City Union Mission, and Stand Down, as well as many other equipment drives and special projects.
We thank those of you that have spent your weekends with your families in our events.  We look forward to being able to continue to provide your family with the opportunities and excitement in the future that you have been able to enjoy in the past.  Best of luck to your team on the field, and we'll see you at the ballpark.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to walk beside the coaches, parents, officials, and athletes of sports teams as we hope to transform the culture of people through sports by loving on them and being the hands and feet of the community.

Internship Opportunities 2017

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