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In 2012, MSP lost Josh Williams, a vibrant and beloved member of its family. Josh, helped create a culture of giving back within MSP and coined the phrase, "MSP Love." He made it his mission to build relationships with everyone he met, while reminding them of the importance of living life to the fullest each day. Today, MSP has grown its family to include its staff, umpires, coaches, parents, players, community, and everyone who attends an MSP event.

As a family, MSP is committed to honoring Josh's legacy by teaching and leading others to live by the famous words he so effortlessly displayed every day, MSP LOVE.

What is an MSP Love Award?

In youth sports, we spend so much of our time chasing the performance-based accomplishments, often missing the impact the game can have on a player’s character. Because of this, MSP has made its goal to not award the best athlete or best player on the team, but to award a player who demonstrates a Championship attitude on and off the field.

What makes an MSP Love Champion?
Displays outstanding character on the field
Demonstrates exceptional sportsmanship
Shows respect to others
Willing to hustle and work hard