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2019 12 Days of MSP Giveaways Rules & Regulations

  • December 04, 2019
  • Janae Melvin

2019 RULES & REGS:

12 Days of MSP Giveaways IS BACK! If you joined us last year, you know the drill! If you’re joining us for the first time this year, you’re going to love it!

1. Register for an MSP baseball or fastpitch event on a certain day from now until December 18 to be entered into that daily giveaway.
*Event payment is not required to play.

***As we begin the giveaway calendar, all event registrations from Monday 11/25/19 - Thursday 12/5/19 at midnight CST will be eligible for the Day 1 (Thursday, December 5th) giveaway (to be announced Friday).
2. More registrations = more entries
3. Register for the 'featured event' of the day and automatically earn 2x the giveaway entries.
4. Entries will only be tallied by day. (With the exception of Day 12 (Dec. 19).

What is a 'featured event?'
The events listed on the calendar and below are the events that will automatically get you 2x the giveaway entries on that specific day.
Example: (fastpitch) Registering for an event other than Battle Royale Epic Tournament on December 11 will only earn you 1 entry into the running for the giveaway of the day. Registering for the Battle Royale Epic Tournament on Dec. 11th will get you 2x entries into the running for the giveaway of the day as designated by the calendar on December 13 will get you 2x entries.

What do you mean entries will only be tallied by day?
The more events you register for on a specific day, the more chances you'll have to win the giveaway of the day. Entries will not accumulate from day to day. Once the drawing is done for that day, event registrations will no longer count until the 12th day giveaway.

What's so special about Day 12?
We're ending the 12 Days of MSP Giveaways with a bang! TWELVE total MSP events (6 - to one lucky baseball team, 6 - to one lucky fastpitch team) will be given away on Day 12! BUT - Payment on event registrations will be required for entries to qualify ON THIS DAY ONLY. *All paid entries Day 1-12 will be considered for this drawing, so the more paid registrations, the better your chances at winning the Day 12 giveaway!

How will we know if we won?
Winners for each day will be announced LIVE on social media the following day. One baseball and one fastpitch team will be awarded daily. Winning team managers will also be notified via email.

How will we get our winnings?
Winnings will be distributed beginning January 2020. Arrangements will be made with team managers.


· Day #1: Jimmy John’s - 24 pack of Mini Jimmy’s. ($150 value) (Valid at participating locations in the KC metro area, only.)
· Day #2: DICK’S Sporting Goods – Team Package (valued at $350)
· Day #3: DBat – 2-hour HitTrax session (Not valid Sat. & Sun. Must call to schedule appointment. Valid at Lenexa location only.)
· Day #4: Main Event - Package (2x family of 4 including 1hr bowling, laser tag, 60 min arcade) $300 arcade cards)
· Day #5: In The Zone Training – Free Peak Performance Package with Dr. Judy Favor
· Day #6: Traveling Teams - $350 Lodging Credit
· Day #7: Fiorella’s - Catered team party (for up to 25)
· Day #8: MSP - One Bownet, two dozen balls, bucket
· Day #9: Easton - Team Package ($600 value)
· Day #10: Fine Designs – $300 Fine Designs Store Credit (pre-ordering will be required)
· Day #11: MSP – VIP gate passes for free entry (up to 30 passes/team, valid for 2020 season)
· Day #12: MSP – Free entry for 6 MSP events (must be played in 2020)


Fastpitch -
Day 1 (Dec. 5) – Alex Gordon Classic benefiting ALSF
Day 2 (Dec. 6) – Dick’s Sporting Goods Young Sluggers Softball Series NIT
Day 3 (Dec. 7) – College Campus Series
Day 4 (Dec. 9) – Dingerz for Dylan - JDRF Benefit
Day 5 (Dec. 10) – 6 Game Spring Spectacular
Day 6 (Dec. 11) – Battle Royale Epic Tournament
Day 7 (Dec. 12) – Charlie Brown Special
Day 8 (Dec. 13) – Route 66 Series (all events)
Day 9 (Dec. 16) – Hawaiian Hitfest (all events)
Day 10 (Dec. 17) – Super 48s (all events)
Day 11 (Dec. 18) – Ozark Scared Hitless
Day 12 (Dec. 19) – MOKAN A/B/C MEGA State

Baseball -
Day 1 (Dec. 5) – Alex Gordon Classic benefiting ALSF
Day 2 (Dec. 6) – Swing for the Rings
Day 3 (Dec. 7) – College Campus Series
Day 4 (Dec. 9) – USSSA Off the Chain
Day 5 (Dec. 10) – Uncle Sam Slam
Day 6 (Dec. 11) – Battle Royale Epic Tournament
Day 7 (Dec. 12) – Cap City Showdown
Day 8 (Dec. 13) – Sultans of Swat
Day 9 (Dec. 16) – Cowtown Showdown
Day 10 (Dec. 17) –Hardball Classic
Day 11 (Dec. 18) – Summer Smackdown
Day 12 (Dec. 19) – Fastbreak Baseball

  • No drawings will be done Saturday & Sunday, with the exception of December 7 (Otherwise Friday winnings will be announced on Monday)
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not affiliated with this giveaway promotion

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