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Mid-America & Mid-America West Unveil Upgrades

  • March 14, 2020
  • Santino Bernal

When you visit Mid-America West Sports Complex (MAWSC) and Mid-America Sports Complex (MASC) this year, some noticeable upgrades will catch your eye while at the park. These upgrades will make the venues some of the top facilities in the Midwest and we look forward to hosting many events here for years to come.

This six-year facility project began with phase one this past fall and will be completed soon.

“Over the winter we invested $4 million in multiple improvements at both complexes,” said Doug Hite, Sports & Facilities North Manager at Mid-America West.

These upgrades include:

·         40’ net backstops

·         Covered bleachers

·         Black coating 8’ fencing

·         Bull pins at each field

·         Larger dugouts

·         Side warning tracks

We anticipate visitors to see these changes at the KC vs. The World Border Battle on Mar., 27-29. Although the entire project won’t be completed then, we’re excited for teams and visitors to see the first wave of upgrades.

It won’t be too long before phase two of the project is put into action as it is scheduled to begin in October. This phase will focus on five key upgrades at Mid-America, which include:

·         Turf infield/outfield on fields 1,2,3, and 4

·         New concession stand

·         Hitting tunnels

·         LED lighting

·         A new maintenance building

This wave of upgrades is anticipated to be completed by spring 2021.

The upgrades do not stop here though. Phase three, which will begin following the completion of phase two, will feature even more major upgrades. When finished in the fall of 2021, visitors will see:

·         Turf infield/outfield on remaining fields

·         New fencing and backstops

·         New scoreboards

The sole purpose of this project is to create a better playing environment at MAWSC and MASC, while enhancing the visitor’s experience at the ballpark. Having the opportunity to have a great facility to host major tournaments while also giving back to the Johnson County community will be rewarding. Sharing the same value of community is one of the reasons why MSP loves to host events here.

“We are excited for everyone to get to enjoy what we are so proud of,” said Hite. “We hope that any disruptions to your normal use of our complexes will be well worth the inconvenience.”