What to Watch - Griffon Indoor 2

  • February 08, 2020
  • Santino Bernal

Griffon Indoor is a one-day, indoor fastpitch tournament that takes place on the campus of Missouri Western State University in St Joseph, Mo. This facility is the perfect location for teams to compete during the winter, as the athletes will be playing inside on turf fields.

For the 14U division, the Griffon Indoor 2 tournament on Saturday, Feb. 8, will be the start of the spring season for 12 teams. Among these 12 teams, the Louisville Lady Sluggers, Kansas Outlaws and Regal Athletic are teams fans should keep an eye on in this tournament.

The Louisville Lady Sluggers are a 14A club coming off a first-place finish at the Old Man Winter tournament this past fall. During the tournament, the Louisville Lady Sluggers ended with a 6-1 record, while outscoring their opponents 45-23 through seven games. They will be looking to add another first place finish as they begin their spring season.

Kansas Outlaws are a 14B team that completed two top three finishes during the fall season. The Outlaws took second place at the Alex Gordon Classic in September with a 4-2 record and outscored their opponents 51-22. They also had a third-place finish during the Super 48 14B tournament in October. At the Super 48, the Outlaws ended the tournament with a 6-2 record and outscored the opposing teams 49-37. The Outlaws have their sights set on a first-place finish to start the spring season as they prepare for Griffon Indoor 2.

Regal Athletic is a 14B team that participated in two competitive tournaments this past summer season. In the Ozark Classic NIT, Regal ended the tournament with a fifth-place finish and a record of 3-1. During the tournament, they outscored opponents 27-7. Missouri USSSA B State was the other summer tournament Regal competed in. Regal completed the tournament with a fourth-place finish and a record of 4-2, while outscoring their competition 47-16. Coming into the start of the spring season, Regal will look to have a top three finish at Griffon Indoor 2.

We look forward to seeing all the 14U teams competing and having fun at Griffon Indoor 2. Good luck to the all the athletes and coaches!