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The Midwest Sports Productions team is comprised of individuals who are passionate about the game and ensuring that every person they encounter feels the warmth, love, and inspiration of the team. An energetic and enthusiastic group, each employee is proud of the role they play in creating the best experience at the ballpark.

Jeremy McDowell

As head of MSP, Jeremy strives to have a positive impact on the youth of today through sports. To Accomplish this goal, he surrounds himself with like-hearted people who also want to make a difference. His favorite saying is, “It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it.” Following this guidance, Jeremy always works to put the “why” in everything he does.

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Carie McDowell

Carie is the MSP team Mom, our interior designer, and our culture extraordinaire. You can find her cooking lunch for the office in Carie’s Kitchen once a week, re-designing the office decor, and constantly “cooking” up new ways to show MSP love!

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Tori Blake
Director of Operations

As the director of operations at MSP, Tori is directly responsible for overseeing accounting and financial operations as well as communicating and leading strategic goals for the team across all departments. She prides herself on making sure that everyone has the tools and support they need to keep MSP running smoothly. Tori has a passion for helping people obtain their personal and professional goals and loves watching businesses flourish as a result!

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Kyle Bates
Director of Events

Kyle oversees the events team, the facilitation of MSP’s annual 130+ events, and handles the development of the yearly calendar for all sports promoted at MSP. This includes detailing tasks and directing staff to ensure a successful event with a good customer experience. He also works with community organizations and sponsors to promote MSP as a positive presence within the community.

Brittany Hile
Sr. Accountant

Dan Jones
Director of Logistics, Procurement, & Retail Operations

Dan has a broad range of responsibilities starting with all logistics duties mostly related to the operation of the MSP Sport Stores. He also maintains inventory and warehouse departments while working with vendors both foreign and domestic and leads a team of people to lend support for all MSP events.

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Jeff Wallace

Jeff oversees all business development and marketing efforts for the largest promoter of youth baseball and fastpitch events in the United States. He works with local, regional and national companies to provide value to our joint customer. His newest role is with the IGNITE Team, leading a team of dynamic marketers in promotion of MSP events.

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Tyler Schmid

Tyler handles the scheduling process for all our tournaments. He is also putting his accounting degree to work helping out with the financial side of MSP.

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Rick Peppers

Rick is the Ben Zobrist of MSP. You can usually find him in the warehouse doing anything that needs to be done to get ready for tournament weekends.

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Jeff Babcock

Jeff provides great customer service and communicates directly with coaches and teams to ensure they are well taken care of. He is also responsible for overseeing and creating publications (necessary paperwork) for the weekend and helps with the scheduling process.

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Alexa DiSpirito

Alexa acts as the community event liaison connecting with our community partners, oversees graphic design elements, and leads business development fulfillment.

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Janae Melvin

Janae works on the events team to market and promote MSP’s tournaments. She also handles the public relations and social media needs of Midwest Sports Productions and focuses on planning special events, event within events, digital efforts and being a mom to all the youngins in the office.

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Tyler Gude

Tyler designs, orders, prints, and engraves awards, banners, shirts, etc. in the Sport Store. If you have purchased or won anything at an MSP event over the last 10 years, chances are Tyler played a role in its creation. He also provides local IT support for the MSP offices and updates Sport Store websites/order fulfillment, which includes working with domestic and international vendors and customers.

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Cole Persell

Cole works with the special project team in developing a well-rounded event management system, as well as assisting the Events Team with day to day tasks.

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Kyle Stonestreet

Kyle excels at providing outstanding customer service to our Play MSP customers. In fact, if you call MSP, Kyle is likely the first one you’ll get to say “Hi” to! He’s an integral part of the special projects team and is heavily involved in creating and managing new user systems.

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