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9U-18U Rules

USSSA rules will be used with the following exceptions (these exceptions do not apply to 8U):

1.Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games.
2.Pre-game conference and coin flip between managers and umpires will take place 5 minutes prior to the start of the game.
 a.For Pool Play games, Home/Visitor will be determined by the coin flip.
 b.For Bracket games, the team with the highest seed has their choice. In the event that both teams are the same pool seed, a coin-flip will determine which team has their choice.
 c.Dugout assignments are not based on home/visitor or seed.
3.Game balls will be provided by Midwest Sports Productions.
4.No infield practice before the games. Teams may warm up on grass or in foul territory while infield is being prepared. No live batting practice is allowed on the field or in the complex at any time. Batting nets are allowed.
5.Game length is determined by age group:  9U-12U play 6 innings; 13U-18U play 7 innings.
6.Time limit for 9U-18U games is 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Time begins after the 1st warm-up pitch. Time limit could change in case of tournament interruptions. All teams should be prepared to start their game up to 10 minutes early in case we are ahead of schedule (this will help the tournament keep on time).
7.Run spreads for all games:
 a.6 inning games (9U-12U): 15 runs after 3 innings; 8 runs after 4 innings
 b.7 inning games (13U-18U): 15 runs after 3 inning; 12 runs after 4 inning; 8 runs after 5 innings
8.Team manager may consult with the umpires; players, sponsors and other coaches are to refrain from discussions.
9.No smoking or tobacco use on the field or in the dugouts.
10.MSP will be enforcing pitching limitations. Pitching limitations are as follows:
  • 9U-12U 
  1. 3 innings max in one day in order to pitch the next day
  2. 6 innings max in one day
  3. 8 innings max in a 3 day period

  • 13U-14U
  1. 3 innings max in one day in order to pitch the next day
  2. 7 innings max in one day
  3. 8 innings max in a 3 day period
We do not track pitching for 15U-18U. If a team is found to be in violation of the pitching limitations, they are subject of forfeiture of that game
11.Team will be allowed to begin a game with 8 players.  Teams that begin the game with 8 players will be required to take an automatic out when that spot int he line-up comes to bat.
12.Roster Batting will be allowed during the ENTIRE tournament.    Conversely, all State and USSSA World Series events will be played by the rule book.  Regardless of the number of players you have, you will need to announce your line-up format at the pre-game conference with the officials.  Due to MSP allowing roster batting, for teams that choose to roster bat, there are some additional rules that need to be clarified:
  1. Batter: If a batter cannot fulfill his time at bat due to injury or illness, that player will be eliminated from that entire game. His spot will be skipped in the batting order.  Teams will not be required to take an automatic out UNTIL they drop below 9 players.
  2. Runner: If a runner cannot continue his time on the bases, that player will be substituted under the Courtesy Runner rule for Roster Batting. He will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the game. The line-up will compress when his spot comes to bat.
 b.Ejections:  A player ejection while roster batting will result in the team losing that player for the entire game.  His spot in the batting order WILL be an automatic out. 
13.Courtesy runner will be allowed for pitcher and catcher at any time.  The courtesy runner will be designated by the following rules:
 a.Rulebook batting line-up:  Per rulebook designation
 b.Roster batting line-up: The last batter not on base. If the last batter not on base is unavailable (i.e. he is the catcher or pitcher), the designated runner will roll back until such time as a possible sub can be found.
14.Winner of pool play will be determined by won-loss record. If tied the following tiebreakers will be used.
 i. If three or more teams are tied with the same record in a division, head-to-head may only be used if one team has defeated ALL other tied teams.
ii. Once a level of tie-breaker is used, we DO NOT revert back to any steps of the tie-breaking procedure. We will continue on down the list until all ties are broken.
1) Winning Percentage - Descending
2) Number Wins - Descending
3) Number Loses - Ascending
4) Tied Teams (vs. each other) Winning Pct - Descending [Not valid if all tied teams have not played each other]
5) Avg Points Allowed - Ascending
6) Avg Run Differential with a maximum of (8) - Descending
7) USSSA Points - Descending
8) Date Team Entered USSSA Database
15.In case of a rain-shortened tournament, pool play games can be deemed official after 2 1/2 innings of play for 6 inning scheduled game or 3 1/2 innings of play for a 7 inning scheduled ballgame (with home team winning) or 75 minutes of elapsed game time. This policy will only be used through pool play.
16.Pool Play Games may end in ties. At time limit, we will finish the inning. If the game is still tied after the inning has been finished, the game will be declared a tie. If the game is tied after regulation and time limit has yet to expire, we will play as many innings as time limit allows