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Fastpitch Roster Rules

Kansas & Missouri USSSA Fastpitch Roster Rules

  1. All rosters will be LOCKED (defined below) the week of a team's first outdoor USSSA event. We are requiring teams to make sure their roster is correct at that time and then any pick up players they pick up will go through the online submission form. Failure to do this will result in an illegal roster for that weekend of play.
  2. If a team competes in an outdoor USSSA World Series qualifier, and qualifies through that event, they will have their roster FROZEN (defined below). Upon entering the tournament, a team may choose to waive their rights to the berth (See Section a. below on how to submit this information).  This can only be done before the tournament.  If a team does this, their roster will NOT be frozen if they were to qualify.  This will allow teams to use a pick-up player(s) for a weekend if they are short players and still want to play in a USSSA event.
    1. For a team to Waive their rights to a berth (and prevent their roster from being frozen), a team must email fastpitch@playmsp.com to do so.  This must be done prior to your first game in the tournament.
    2. Any team that uses a pick-up player will automatically waive their rights to a direct berth.  The event will still count towards a teams' total for an at-large berth.
  3. Once a team's roster becomes frozen, the team will be allowed to have only 3 adds or drops to the permanent roster for the remainder of the year. This is in effect to protect the players and the coaches. This is for PERMANENT players only. If a team chooses to pick up a player for that event after your roster becomes frozen, they can do that by filling out an online pick-up player form that will be emailed out prior to the event. At this point, the State Director will approve these players to play with you.
  4. Pick-Up Player Rules: All pick-up player forms MUST to be submitted by 9pm Thursday.
    1. You MUST play the classification/age of the highest classed player on your team. For example, a 14B team needs to pick up 3 players for the weekend, so they decide to pick up 2 players from a 14B team and 1 player from a 14A team. In this example ,the team must now play 14A or above because of the 14A player that belongs to a 14A team. We are okay with pick -players but need teams to pick up players from a team that is classed the same as your team or lower. In addition, if your team picks up a player that is rostered as a 16B player, the team must play 16B with that player.
    2. "B" teams are allowed to pick-up A rostered players from a younger age team.  Example:  a 14B team may pick-up a player from a 12A team for the weekend.
    3. Pick-up players for "C" teams may only come from other "C" teams.  "C" teams are not allowed to pick up a player rostered on an A or B team at any age.  NO A/B PLAYERS AS PICK-UP PLAYERS FOR C TEAMS.
    4. If a "C" team picks up a player registered to a higher age "C" team, they will be required to play at the age/division of that player is registered to.
    5. League Rosters will not be considered when looking at a player's registered class.
  5. Once a team earns a USSSA World Series Berth through the "at large berth" process then their roster will become frozen at that time. For example, if a team must play 5 USSSA events to earn the "at large berth" in the spring/summer, and they hit this mark on the April 25th weekend, then at the conclusion of that event their roster will become frozen.

Here is a link to the Kansas/Missouri USSSA World Series Qualifying procedures:
Kansas:  http://www.ksusssafastpitch.com/KansasUSSSAFP/QualifyingInformation.aspx
Missouri:  http://www.mousssafastpitch.com/qualifying-information.html 

Through this process we are not discouraging a team to play with USSSA on a given weekend, just making sure that we try to level the playing field. If a team earns a WS berth, then they need to do this with their team and not the players from other teams. With the pick-up player form, teams can still play and just waive the rights to their berth for that weekend. Teams will still get points for playing USSSA on their order of finish, and will still count as one of their events played in to get their at large berth (if they choose to go this route).

Here are a few definitions that are important to clarify:

  • FROZEN roster:  After a team acquires a direct or at-large berth, their roster will be frozen with the players that are currently on it.  At this time, teams will only be allowed to make 3 roster changes between then and the end of the season.  Teams will still be allowed to play with pick-up players in qualifier events, but at post-season events, they will be required to use their FROZEN roster.
  • LOCKED roster:  After a team plays in their first USSSA competition for the outdoor their roster will become locked.  Teams that are LOCKED are still able to edit their roster at any point, but they are required to go through their State Director to accomplish it.

State Directors have the final say on accepting or denying any pick up players from that team's roster for the weekend.