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Indoor Tourney Rules

All games will be played by USSSA rules, with the following exceptions:

  1. Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games.
  2. Each team will need to supply a USSSA game ball per game. (Each team will receive 2 game balls upon check-in. After that teams can purchase a game ball at tournament headquarters for $6.00 per ball.)
  3. Pre-game conference and coin flip between manager and umpires will take place 5 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  4. Time limit:
    1. Pool Play: Time limits will be 65 minutes and we will finish the batter. (One-day events will be considered Pool Play)
    2. The game may NOT end on a walk or HBP (hit by pitch)
    3. For Pool Play games, we will determine the winner based on the result as of the end of the time.
  5. Regulation games will be defined by the type of game played.
    1. Pool Play: Games will be 7 innings or time limit. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, the game is a tie.


      1. Timer goes off, team batting is ahead, game is over
      2. Less than two out, runners on base, you must finish the play, then game is over
      3. No runners on base, out is made, game is over
  6. Run rules: 12 runs after 3 innings; 10 runs after 4 innings; 8 runs after 5 innings.
  7. Team manager may consult with the umpires; players, sponsors and other coaches are to keep out of discussions.
  8. No smoking or tobacco use on the field or in the dugouts. NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS IN BUILDING.
  9. Roster Batting will be allowed during the ENTIRE tournament. Regardless of the number of players you have, you will need to announce your line-up format at the pre-game conference with the officials. Due to MSP allowing roster batting, for teams that choose to roster bat, there are some additional rules that need to be clarified:
    1. Injury
      1. Batter: If a batter cannot fulfill her time at bat due to injury or illness, that player will be eliminated from that entire game. Her spot will be skipped in the batting order. Teams will be required to take an automatic out.
      2. Runner: If a runner cannot continue her time on the bases, that player will be substituted with the last batter not on base. She will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the game.
    2. Ejections: A player ejection while roster batting will result in the team losing that player for the entire game. Her spot in the batting order WILL be an automatic out.
  10. Courtesy runner will be allowed for pitcher and catcher at any time. The courtesy runner will be designated by the following rules:
    1. Rulebook batting line-up: Per rulebook designation
      1. Roster batting line-up: The last batter not on base. If the last batter not on base is unavailable (i.e. she is the catcher or pitcher), the designated runner will roll back until such time as a possible sub can be found.
  11. Teams may begin a game with 8 players. If the additional players arrive after the start of the game, they will be handled in the following manner:
    1. Rulebook batting line-up: Teams may add a 9th player to the line-up. Any additional players will be designated as substitutes.
    2. Roster batting line-up: Teams may add any and all players to the end of the line-up. These players must listed on the line-up card submitted prior to the game. If the players are not present for their time at bat, their spot will be skipped until they arrive with no automatic out being charged (unless below 9 players).
  12. The following procedure will be used to determine the seedings after pool play:
    1. If three or more teams are tied with the same record in a division, head-to-head may or may not be used to break ties.
    2. Once a level of tie-breaker is used, we DO NOT revert back to any steps of the tie-breaking procedure. We will continue on down the list until all ties are broken.
      1. Highest Winning Percentage (number of wins divided by number of games with a result; ties are eliminated from formula)
      2. Most Wins
      3. Least Losses
      4. Head-to-Head Games
      5. Runs allowed per game
      6. Runs differential (+/- of 8 runs per game)
      7. USSSA Rules
  13. Special Indoor Rules
    1. Ceiling & Vertical Netting: The ceiling above the playing surface is considered foul territory. No balls which hit the netting may be caught for an out. The vertical netting around the “fair” territory is played as ground extended. A Home Run will be awarded when a fair ball hits the Vertical Netting above the Ribbon or seam that stretches from left to right field.
    2. Field Goal Posts: Any batted balls that contact the football goal posts, it will be considered a foul ball. For any thrown ball that contacts the goal post, it will be considered a live ball.
    3. Metal Cleats: Metal Cleats will NOT be allowed inside the facility.