Learn About the New Perfect Game Midwest

USSSA has created a new process for pick-up players that MSP will adopt going forward. This process will make picking up players much easier for your team and us to manage for you.

Please see the step-by-step process below and call the office if there is any trouble.

  1. Log-in to your USSSA team account
  2. From your Dashboard, you’ll see the option to MANAGE GUEST PLAYERS. Here, you’ll be able to add Guest Players throughout the year for any event your team is registered for.


1. Maximum player rule: For ‘A/B’ events, teams are only allowed 20 total players. For ‘C’ events teams are only allowed 15 total players. If teams want to add guest players beyond these numbers they will need to “deactivate” players from their original roster for a specific weekend. This is shown below:


*Deactivating a player is not the same as removing a player completely from your roster, it just means they will not be playing in a specific tournament on a specific weekend.

  1. Select ‘MANAGE GUEST PLAYERS’ from the dashboard
  2. Click the “MANAGE’ button on the tournament you wish to deactivate players for
  3. Click the red ‘DEACTIVATE’ button next to the players who will not be playing all weekend

2. A player MUST be on a USSSA roster in order to be a guest player. Add a guest player by searching for the players team and then adding them as a guest player. This is done to verify that they are the correct age and division. *If a player is not on a roster they either need to be added to their regular team’s roster or they need to be added to the roster of the team that wants to use them as a guest player.


  • (A) rostered players CANNOT be a guest player for the same age division in (B) or (C) class.
  • (A) rostered players can play (B) if they are playing up an age group.
  • (A) or (B) players CANNOT guest play for (C) - Only (C) rostered players can guest play for (C) teams.
  • Moving up an age group DOES NOT allow (B) players to play (C).